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Other services

Besides the services mentioned above, wepacom offers additional services that are provided by partner companies. Among these partners are such with a similar business activities but focussed on different markets and others that provide complementary services to the wepacom services spectrum.

Legal services

Again and again, expanding companies get confronted with legal issues in a foreign country. For example when they wish to found their own subsidiary in that country and are looking for the ideal legal form of that subsidiary or when customers just don't pay their bills. In addition to that, companies want to register trade marks and patents in a certain region. wepacom works with specialized law firms but won't provide legal advise by itself.

Marketing Services

Hardly any sales organization can live without marketing. As a first step, this could be translations of existing marketing material suuch as product data sheets, product videos and other publications. Besides that, wepacoms partners provide individual marketing campaigns, country specific and target group oriented.

IT Services

Even companies in the IT industry need IT services such as installing and maintaining a network, preparing PCs for new employees, data hosting services, website maintainance, coding or customer or partner portals. wepacom works with companies that able to support customers at any stage of their development.


Customers, partners and employees are important for every organization and have to get trained from time to time and want to get entertained as well. In these cases, events are helpful but their organization consumes a lot of time. It's not done by preparing training collaterals, you will need a suitable training room, accommodation for the trainees, catering and maybe some entertainment like a team building event. There are specialists for this that know what works and what doesn't.


To make a product or brand better known, you can do sponsoring. You may sponsor a certain service at an event or the shirts of sports team and perimeter advertizing. Together with its partners, wepacom will find the suitable opportunity for you that fits your budget and reaches your target group.

Logistics and Manufacturing Services

Especially for companies from other continents, shipping products from abroad, especially in small quantities, can be very expensive and they lose competitveness quickly. But building their own warehouse or even renting space is not a solution, at least not always. wepacom will find partners that can handle the customers products and ship them to their customers. At a certain point, it may become interesting for the company to even manufacture their products in the region and wepacom has excellent connections to manufacturing services or all kind.