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Fasanerie aktiv e.V.


Fasanerie 175Interessengemeinschaft Fasanerie aktiv e.V. is a non profit organization founded by the end of 2009. Its goal is to take care of all aspects of living in Fasanerie, a neighborhood in the north of Munich, Germany where wepacom is located. In 2011 I started working pro bono for this organization and took care of the public relations group. Since 2013 I am a member of the executive committee.

In July 2013, supported by Michaela Seika and Philipp Obermaier, I started a group with other entrepreneurs and freelancers located in that quarter to meet on a regular basis, to support each other and share experience. In this group, we relaized that there is no meeting point for teenagers. We did a survey among the local teenagers and let them develop their own ideas for such a meeting point for local teenagers that we then presented to the local government and the Munich city council. There are still some hurdles to take but we are confident that the project can be realized in 2017.